Agora staff chats: favorite Christmas movies

Elisabeth Brockman

Every December I have ventured to the attic for a large box of VCR and CD Christmas movies. But to watch my favorite Christmas movie I must also clear the furniture out of the living room and put on my slipperiest socks. I make room to dance along with my favorite Christmas movie The Christmas Angel: A Story on Ice. I am enchanted by the rhyming story of a stolen angel and a redeemed evil villain. The soundtrack by Mannheim Steamroller takes classical Christmas carols and blends them with elements of new age and rock. I always feel a little silly trying to “skate” around my living room with Olympic medalists and world renown skaters. It has not deterred me yet. At the same level as Cirque du Soleil, I am amazed at the beauty and agility of the skaters. I cannot wait to watch it this year.   




Emma Marion

My favorite Christmas movie has got to be The Christmas Chronicles. As a kid, my family and I watched this annually and somewhere deep down inside I hoped that Santa would fall off of my roof, my dad would put on the suit, and become Santa like the plot of the movie.











Claire Bacarella

“The Santa Clause” poster.

My favorite Christmas movie, or movies, rather, is “The Santa Clause” series. The movies tell the story of a man who accidentally killed Santa being forced to take his place. Something about these movies has kept me coming back to watch them every year for as long as I can remember. Revisiting them every year is like seeing an old friend again that comes with a sense of comfort. I strongly feel that this series is the most underrated Christmas movie and that everyone who celebrates should watch them at least once.