Agora Staff Chats: Thanksgiving food

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the Agora staff is looking forward to our favorite dishes.

Claire Bacarella

(Photo courtesy of Hamburger Helper on Flickr).

My favorite dish on Thanksgiving are sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. Particularly, my grandma makes the best ones. I even had to ask her to prepare some for a Thanksgiving potluck I am attending this year. The dish is so sweet and delicious, and the toasted marshmallows just put it over the top.
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Elisabeth Brockman

My Thanksgiving feast is never complete without my uncles homemade bread. After much trial and error, he found the perfect bread recipe. I have tried to make it myself, but my uncle has mastered the recipe.  It can be adapted for different consistency of flour and incorporate herbs and flavors. A slice of this crunchy bread is the perfect addition to my thanksgiving meal. Even though I look forward to eating all the yummy comfort food, I feel most satisfied with the way we eat on thanksgiving: as an experience. We eat together, with intentional and in gratitude for the bounty of food and company.
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Hanna Nadeau

How can I just choose one Thanksgiving dish? If I had it my way, I’d choose them all! Since I’ve been asked to narrow it down, I’m choosing mac and cheese and green bean casserole. Give me all the cheesy goodness please. Oh and they’ll be placed right next to the sweet potatoes. Something about that bite of salty, savory cheese mixed with the sweet crunchy yumminess of the sweet potatoes and nuts gets me everytime. Green bean casserole is my specialty. The dish I’m always in charge of making. From fresh green beans and mushrooms to my secret mushroom sauce, it’s always a family favorite. The countdown begins and the buffet pants are coming out of retirement.