“90 Day: The Single Life” cast tells all

This article contains spoilers from the season one finale of “90 Day: The Single Life.”

I’m not one who watches a ton of reality TV, but the “90 Day Fiancé” shows are my guilty pleasure. 

With entertaining couples and their plentiful drama, there’s never been a dull episode. 

Last week, the season finale of “90 Day: The Single Life” aired on TLC.

The spinoff follows single people whose relationships didn’t work out during their time on “90 Day Fiancé.”

This season featured Big Ed, Molly, Fernanda, Brittany, Colt and Danielle.

Each season ends with a bombshell “Tell All” episode where the cast gathers and recaps what happened on and off the cameras.

While Danielle’s budding romance, Fernanda’s roommate fling and Molly’s revisited past were interesting, Brittany, Big Ed and Colt brought all the drama, tears and shocking surprises. 

Brittany was nowhere to be found when the cast arrived on set. As the day went on with her absence, the cast’s worry became an annoyance once someone got a hold of her.  

Molly’s boyfriend Kelly was the star of the show. His quick remarks and facial expression were hilariously perfect. The producers put the couple in such a great spot.

Brittany revealed she caught a plane to Houston in the middle of the night because her “accommodations weren’t met” at the hotel and with her hairstylist. She then had the nerve to say that Terrence, her acquaintance, needed to work on communicating better, this being said after she ghosted him for the umpteenth time.

As a viewer, I was just as annoyed as the cast after hearing the excuse, but the tears and fighting words Big Ed brought easily drowned it out.

He not only cried within the first four minutes, but shortly after Debbie, Colt’s mother, walked on set, a heated argument broke out.

Big Ed said Colt needed to “get off the nipple,” poking fun at the mama’s boy. Debbie quickly fired back, mocking how Big Ed had his mom put mayonnaise in his hair.

Mayonnaise aside, it’s funny how Big Ed knocked on Colt for things like living with his mom, because Big Ed does too. 

Topping off the two-part “Tell All,” Colt announced his secret wedding with Vanessa. 

Colt didn’t even tell Debbie, which is huge. Colt explained he wanted something just for him and Vanessa, which, I hate to admit, showed some growth on his part.

The warm congratulations were cut short by Big Ed’s bet on the length of Colt’s marriage.

This unfiltered cast really made it a great season finale.