Agora staff chats: life outside of school

Our experiences shape our biases, develop our interests, and can be the reason we take on article assignments in the first place. We decided we’d like to share some stories about ourselves and what we do outside of the newsroom.

Claire Bacarella

When I’m not busy with homework, you can find me dancing. I have been a dancer for 14 years now. Over the years I have done many styles of dance including tap, ballet, jazz, and more. I love dancing because it’s an outlet to express myself.







Emma Marion

Outside of the newsroom I work at a childcare and preschool center in Dundee. I spend a minimum of 16 hours a week with 3 and 4 year olds that attend daily. My day can consist of anything the kids need at the time and exceeds the role of a baby-sitter. During some parts of my day I am a teacher, story reader, a craft maker or race car track builder. Sometimes I’m the clean-up crew or the chef preparing for lunch. Sometimes I’m the one to encourage, pick them up and dust them off, give them hugs, or be their motivational speaker. What I do truly depends on whatever the day brings, but I leave everyday with a full heart and a smile on my face.




Elisabeth Brockman

My life is a puzzle. My planner is my big-picture guide. Many of the pieces of my life are surrounding MCCC right now. As a recent 2021 MCCC graduate I have become quite familiar with the campus and community. I feel fully ingrained. I work, have fun and learn here. I have seen my progression at this college as I have taken on more leadership positions especially during my last semester. In addition to working as the Assistant Editor for the Agora I am also a  Tutor for the LAL and Senior Writing Fellow. I get to use all the knowledge I gained during my time at MCCC to help students with the subjects I have come to love. Teaching truly takes my understanding to the next level. Working for the disabilities center as a reader and notetaker this semester has also been a rewarding experience. Each person learns so differently. Having the patience and understanding to discover the best way to assist students is a personal goal. This semester’s theme is to give back to a system that has benefited me the past two years. I graduated debt free because of great scholarship opportunities. I have had many professors give me their time to make sure I fully grasp material and progress. I have used the tutoring services myself. My MCCC career has come full circle.