Clery report comes back with one less zero

Unlike previous years, MCCC’s Clery report does not have all zeros this year. The report indicated a car theft that occurred on campus.

An incident report from Jan. 30, 2020, states that a student had parked her car outside of the L building at 3 p.m. leaving her purse in the car but her keys in her hand and the car locked.

The complainant returned at 6:30 p.m. to find her car missing.

The Clery Act is named after Jeanne Clery, a 19-year-old woman who was raped and murdered in her college dormitory.

The Clery Act was passed in 1990 as a standard for all colleges and universities that receive federal funding to report crime and violence to publish a public annual security report for employees and students covering the previous 3 consecutive years.

Charlie Abel, chief of Safety Services, said a Clery reportable crime is any type of robbery, murder, burglary, arson, rape, aggravated assault, motor vehicle theft, drug abuse violations and weapons violations.

The point of the Clery Act is to promote transparency between universities and their communities, said Laura Egan, senior director of programs at the Clery Center.

“It is a helpful reference document for students, employees and their loved ones to better understand what policies and resources are in place to promote a culture of safety and transparency at the institution,” Egan said.

There have been 11 crimes have occurred on campus and but were not reportable under the Clery Act.

One of those crimes includes the theft of $816.83 worth of CPR manikins.

Theft must include a hate crime in order to be Clery reportable.

Another report made on Jun. 8, 2020, included the finding of two guns on campus. A Ruger P-40 found by Mike D’Haene, custodian, and a loaded 38 caliber revolver by Justin Blaine, grounds keeper.

According to the report, D’Haene had found the gun laying 50 or 60 yards from the Whitman Center in the woods while walking with a tree trimming contractor.

Deputy Randall Krupp generated MCSD complaint #11251-20 and confirmed that the Ruger P-40 had been stolen in a series of break-ins on Ashland Dr. near the north side of campus.

A report made on Feb. 21, 2020, states a midnight custodian entered the men’s bathroom of the La Z Boy Center to find the second to last stall had the door broken off and was covered in feces.

All these reports and more can be found at Safety Services.

MCCC is working hard to ensure campus safety, Abel said.

The campus has added emergency phones and remote locking doors in case of emergency.

“One thing I can say is we don’t see reports of crimes as an inherently bad thing,” Egan said. “Reports of crimes reflect a campus that is aware of what behavior constitutes something that can and should be reported and reflects trust in the system by which one report-both of which are really great things.”

For more details about Clery crimes and definitions can be found here, visit the Department of Public Safety’s website.

To access more information about campus safety, go to the Safety Service section on the MCCC website.

To contact the Campus Security Office call (734) 457-6007. For after hours, call the Campus Security Mobile number at (734) 735-9401. If it is an emergency, call 911.