Student Government hosts Socktober

Sock • to • ber


A sock drive in October.

Girl stands next to table with socks on it.
Rachael Miska poses next to Socktober donations. (Photo courtesy of Rachael Miska)

As the weather cools down, Student Government is hosting a sock drive and will donate socks to a homeless shelter. 

New socks are being collected in six Socktober themed donation boxes throughout campus. The boxes can be found in the Career Technology Center, the Founders Hall and buildings H, L and A.

Student Government member Rachael Miska is chair of the event.

She said she is expecting a lot of donations.

“There are a lot of people on campus who are participating,” she said. “When I walk around campus I almost always see someone putting socks in the boxes.” 

Miska also said her grandfather used to utilize sock donations.

“When I heard in Student Government that we needed someone to chair this event, I was more than willing to do so,” she said. “I believe that these donations will positively affect those in need.”

Student Government member Alaina Hartford is co-chair of the event. 

“Being able to help people in need outside of my school community is very rewarding to me, especially after hearing socks are one of the least donated items in shelters,” Hartford said.

Sock donations will be accepted through November 4.