The best leaves belong in books
Submit colorful leaves to the Agora for competition

orange leaves
Leaves all over MCCC’s campus are turning bright colors. (Photo by  Zaven Pio.)

The Michigan landscape is slowly turning brilliant colors.

As leaves blow past, you can’t help but pick up the prettiest leaf and hide it in the biggest book on your shelf. 

Wait before you hide them away. The Agora wants to see those favorite leaves.

Using the instructions below, turn in some pretty leaves to be judged by the Agora staff. 

Submissions accepted until November 20.

The top picks will be turned into custom laminated bookmarks that preserves and enhances nature’s artistic creation for the winners to keep all year.

Follow simple instructions for submission below. 


Choose your favorite leaf. We are looking for size, color or unique patterns. Put it in an envelope or baggy. Include a paper with your name, convenient contact info and an optional quote or word. (Photos by Elisabeth Brockman)
Submit your entry by placing it in the Agora suggestions box in the F Building lounge.
You can also deliver it to the Agora staff in L101 Tuesday or Thursday between 2 p.m. and 3:20 p.m.
Winners will receive a custom bookmark made with their leaf submission. (Photo by Elisabeth Brockman)
Preserve leaves by lamonation. (Photo by Elisabeth Brockman)
Example bookmark. (Photo by Elisabeth Brockman)