Agora staff picks: childhood Halloween costumes

Emma Marion

Halloween has always been a fun family time. Trick-or-treating while camping is my most favorite. Growing up we lived in the country with neighbors miles away so decorating our trailer and campsite and then trick or treating at the surrounding campsites was something my siblings and I always looked forward to.

(From Left) Emma Marion, 15, as a hunter, Malory Marion, 8, as Maleficent and Megan Marian,13, as a deer. (Photo courtesy of Emma Marion, circa 2017).

Elisabeth Brockman

My favorite memories of Halloween were when I was a teenager. I don’t care how old I get, I will never pass up an opportunity to dress up and collect candy. As one of the oldest cousins in my family, the role of taking the kids trick-or-treating often fell to me. With a band of kids, we would scour the town. My sister and I would have matching costumes and trade for our favorite candies. Except Reese’s. Those we had to split. 

Elisabeth Brockman and her sister Sylvia Brockman, 6, dress up as scarecrows for downtown Monroe trick-or-treating. (Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Brockman, circa 2016).

Lauren Werlinger

For several years, I was the mascot for the Toledo Zoo Pumpkin Path event. When I was younger, My family and I used to go to the trick-or-treating event at the Toledo Zoo. One of those times, when I was a toddler, a photographer came up to me and took my photo. It was used as the promotional image for that event. My dad always made me stand for a photo by the poster each year at the zoo.

Lauren Werlinger, dressed as a clown, stands by a poster of her 3 year old self at the Toledo Zoo. (Photo courtesy of Shane Werlinger, circa 2011).

Marie Underwood

I’ve always loved dressing up for Halloween. Barney was my first Halloween costume in 2002. I remember wearing that mask around the house for weeks before Halloween because I was so excited. In 2007, I chose to be a cheerleader and got a little princess pail to carry. My brother is the little power ranger next to me. My favorite costume would have to be the deck of cards that my mom and I made for our local costume contest. Though we didn’t win, I’ll always remember how fun it was to make and wear it.

girl in barney costume, girl in cheerleader costume with boy dressed up as black power ranger, girl dressed up as a card
(Photos courtesy of Melita Underwood).