Alumni Staff

Kristina Rodriguez

Picture of Kristina smiling.

Hello everyone,

My name is Kristina, and I am in my third year here at MCCC. 

I am hoping to transfer to Eastern University to receive my Master’s in social work. 

I am originally from sunny Southern California, and although I have been in Michigan for almost six years now, I am still not used to the winters.

I love Disneyland and used to go almost every day before I moved. 

My go-to easy watches when I want to relax are cheesy 70s and 80s horror films. 

I have a passion for makeup artistry and have been a freelance makeup artist for four years. 

I joined the Agora Newspaper because I wanted to be more involved in the community and gain personal confidence in my journaling. 

I am excited to learn from everyone at the Agora and excited to start this new journey.