Presley Bergmooser paints custom commissions

Hand-painted desserts decorate the yellow brick wall of local bakery Cakes by Stephanie. 

MCCC student Presley Bergmooser spent a total of 25 hours on the project.

(From left) Kathryn Murray, Cayleigh MacDonald, Presley Bergmooser, Lila Strychar, Sarah Reicker and Payton Osborne pose in front of the Cakes by Stephanie mural. (Photo courtesy of Presley Bergmooser).

“I was ecstatic to paint the mural for Cakes By Stephanie,” Presley said. 

The project came about when Presley was working full time at the bakery. She said the topic of a mural came up in conversation with her coworkers.

After further discussion, Stephanie Morgan, owner of Cakes by Stephanie, officially offered Presley the opportunity to paint the side of the building. 

Presley talked with Stephanie about the design and came up with concept art. Once Stephanie approved Presley’s final sketch, she began work on the mural. 

“The process was exciting and, looking back, I have learned a lot from it,” Presley said. 

Presley started the mural July 3 and finished it July 15. 

Presley Bergmooser

“One Saturday after work I had planned to take some measurements of the wall. That day I ended up throwing up my own freehanded sketch,” Presley said. 

The mural was outside of Presley’s normal range of projects. 

“I think that by pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I learn how to love the suffering that comes along with it,” Presley said. “In art, I believe that it’s essential to break barriers from my comfort zone to produce work that I am proud of.”

Typically, she takes commissions to paint portraits, customize clothing, decorate Bibles and make signs for a variety of occasions. 

Presley documents her projects on her Instagram account PresleyMadeIt, which she started in September 2020.

“I had taken commissions pretty consistently for a couple of months before then and decided to make an account that fall,” Presley said. 

Presley Bergmooser holds up a wedding portrait she was commissioned to create. (Photo courtesy of Presley Bergmooser).

Presley has been passionate about art since she was 6 years old, said Mark Bergmooser, Presley’s father. 

“She used to watch the Disney channel and Nickelodeon and create duct tape art,” Mark said. “She made wallets, jewelry, picture frames, you name it. All out of colorful duct tape.”

Presley said she used to sell her duct tape wallets at Trend 440, a now-closed boutique. 

After she lost interest in duct tape, Presley made polymer clay charms, which she sold at the downtown art fair. 

“I would watch hours of YouTube tutorials on how to make charms and would spend all day stocking my own inventory,” Presley said.

About six years ago, Presley asked for an easel and paints for Christmas. 

“Ever since then, painting and drawing has been my jam,” Presley said.

While Presley considers herself primarily self-taught, she has taken art classes in high school. She said

Presley Bergmooser displays a custom-painted Bible. (Photo courtesy of Presley Bergmooser).

they have helped her to this day.

“I am incredibly thankful for the influence of my past art teachers,” Presley said. 

Presley said she draws inspiration for her work from her daily life. She pushes herself to do difficult things, which gives her the most creative fulfillment. 

“I’m also very faithful. Giving it all up to God is about as inspirational as you can get,” Presley said.

Mark said he makes sure to encourage Presley to keep practicing.

Presley Bergmooser shows a pair of hand painted canvas shoes. (Photo courtesy of Presley Bergmooser).

“If she is frustrated or not satisfied, I have told her to be patient,” said Mark. ‘If she asks me what I like with a piece, I am honest. That can be tough because as a parent, I naturally want to praise her, but I have been critical of what I like.”

Mark said he is very proud of Presley. 

“As a father, it is a blessing from God to see your child succeed at her passion,” Mark said. 

Next fall, Presley will transfer to Michigan State University to complete a bachelor’s degree in creative advertising. 

“I have no doubt that I will be creating art for the rest of my life,” Presley said.