Student Government signs and sings in new leadership

The new officers are (from left) Bailey Richardson, Jack Ryder, Alivia Funchion, Juanluis Rodriguez, Victor Rodriguez and Levi Couch. (Photo by Marie Underwood).

MCCC’s Student Government elected new officers during their Oct. 5 meeting.

The 2021-2022 officers are President Alivia Funchion, Vice President Jack Ryder, Secretary Victor Rodriguez, Treasurer Juanluis Rodriguez, Liaison Levi Couch and Historian Bailey Richardson.

For each position, members underwent a round of nominations, speeches and voting before adviser Tom Ryder announced who won. 

“I thought our members did a great job in selecting the leaders for the 2021-22 academic year,” Tom Ryder said. “They really couldn’t have gone wrong with selecting any of the nominations.”

The meeting kicked off with the race for president.

Claire Bacarella, Jack Ryder, Victor Rodriguez and Funchion presented speeches after being nominated. 

alivia after performing her speech
Funchion sang about having leadership experience and caring about what the group had to say. The song took about 30 minutes to write, Funchion told the group. (Photo by Marie Underwood).

Funchion’s speech took a turn when she grabbed her guitar and announced she wrote a short song explaining why she should be president. The song parodied Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” but instead she sang “vote for me today.”

“I want to get to know people and have more jam sessions like this,” Funchion added after performing. “I’m so happy to get to know you, and I hope we have a great year.”

President Funchion’s choice to sing during the speech was interesting, said second-year representative Carley Kish.

As president, Funchion will run the meetings.

Kish, Mario Tucker, Nick Manor, Victor Rodriguez and Jack Ryder ran for vice president.

Jack Ryder, former liaison and fifth-year representative, will serve as Funchion’s right hand, as voted by the group.

“The role of vice president is to support the president,” Jack Ryder said during his speech. “I’ll be there to support her whenever she needs it.”

Sanai Kyles, Bacarella and Victor Rodriguez were nominated for secretary.

Secretary Victor Rodriguez is a fourth-year Student Government representative. 

“I like to bring the fun in events and work well with others,” Victor told the group.

jack ryder winning vice president vote
Tom Ryder announces his son Jack as the new vice president. Tom said he was very proud of Jack’s accomplishment. (Photo by Marie Underwood).

As secretary, Victor will take notes at every meeting.

John Wright, Manor, and Juanluis Rodriguez received treasurer nominations.

Juanluis Rodriguez will help keep track of the group’s budget as treasurer.

Rodriguez said he has experience in handling numbers while working in human resources in the military.

“The position is very important and in contact with me a lot,” Tom Ryder said to the members.

Lila Strychar, Collin Janssens, Bacarella, Tucker, Manor and Couch were up for liaison.

“The liaison is our voice. They go to board meetings and tell them what the group’s doing,” Tom Ryder said. 

Couch will handle the group’s marketing and speak with administration as liaison.

bailey winning historian vote
Richardson (center) receives a warm congratulations from the members after being the last officer elected. (Photo by Marie Underwood).

Couch emphasized a love for public speaking and getting to know people when addressing the group.

Colette Tibai, Tucker, Strychar, Kish, and Richardson were the historian nominees. 

Richardson will collect pictures and flyers for the Student Government’s yearbook they put out every year as historian, Tom Ryder said.

Richardson said she had previous experience helping in yearbook. She takes a lot of photos and enjoys being involved.

levi presents intramural sports club constitution to student gov members
Couch presents the constitution for the new Intramural Sports Club at the end of the meeting. The club was approved by the Student Government. (Photo by Marie Underwood).


This year’s election was compelling, Kish said.

“The candidates that were chosen were meant to be,” Kish said. “We have some great new officers. I think this year is going to be great.” 

As of Oct. 6, Student Government has 34 members, Tom Ryder said.

“This is a really great group of students, and I look forward to working with them and seeing what all they accomplish this year,” he said.