Rafko resigns as director of admissions

Rafko poses at his soon to be old desk.
Rafko poses at his soon to be old desk. (Photo by Claire Bacarella).

A change of scenery is just around the corner for Ryan Rafko as he resigns as director of admissions and transitions into a teaching position at Waterloo Elementary School. 

“Just with circumstances and that pull between that work-life balance, it just works out better for my family for me to be able to take the step back into a teaching role,” Rafko said. 

Rafko put in his letter of resignation Sept. 24. His last day was Oct. 8.

He will begin his teaching position at Waterloo Elementary School Oct. 11, where he will be teaching both gym and technology. 

“I almost went this route 10 years ago or so. I almost went back to get a teacher certification to be a physical education teacher,” Rafko said. “Things are a little bit different now where I’m able to take that step back.”

He said he has not heard any word on the search for a new director of admissions, although he expects it to be filled quickly. This search normally includes posting the job both internally and externally, and interviewing candidates for hire. 

The job listing is now posted and being advertised, said Linda Torbet, the director of human resources.

Rafko earned his Associate of Science at MCCC before going on to earn a bachelor’s degree at University of Toledo, majoring in marketing and professional sales.

“Coming here and knowing how it led me into my bachelor’s degree when I transferred, it’s fun to see that other students are going through that same pathway,” Rafko said. “And now being able to have helped guide them through that process, it’s a full circle thing.”

He is a lifelong Monroe resident and has been employed previously with MCCC, serving 5 years in financial aid. 

Rafko said he struggled with the decision to resign.

“Absolutely a difficult decision because I really have enjoyed my time serving in this role. But I think the time back and the time with my family is an important decision for us,” Rafko said.