Agora staff picks: favorite fall activities

art by Elizabeth Rodenbeck

Enjoying the nature

A child plays in leaves
Six-year-old Lauren Werlinger plays in the leaves after raking them up. (Photo courtesy of Shane Werlinger, circa 2009).

Michigan weather can be fickle. Some fall days are so hot that you immediately strip off your cozy but ill-planned layers, and others barrage us with freezing rains. But when fall days are nice, they’re truly perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. As a kid, my favorite thing to do was rake all the leaves into a big pile and then jump into them. Now, I love to take a walk around my neighborhood or sit outside to enjoy the fall colors.

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Pies and photo by Elisabeth Brockman

There is something comforting about replacing the cold crisp air of fall with wafts of warm, delicious autumn scent of pie. The aroma of apple, pumpkin and spices fill the whole house. I have fond memories of rolling out pie crust with my mama and brothers and sisters. Making pie crust is not simply baking, it is crafting. I feel childlike as I cut, pinch and fold the edible playdough into a plaid, braided or leafy surface. I feel proud as relatives admire and prouder yet as I watch cousins and aunts eat the last crumbs.

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Visiting an apple orchard

Claire Bacarella poses at the festively decorated Erie Orchards & Cider Mill. (Photo courtesy of Claire Bacarella).

You know it’s officially fall when you take a visit to the apple orchard. I love to visit Erie Orchards & Cider Mill every year. It’s a great place to take festive photos and you can’t beat the cider and donuts.

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Decorating for Halloween

(From left) Camden Fairchild, Cody Fairchild, Emma Marion, Caleb Fairchild. Emma Marion, her boyfriend and his family on his front porch

Carving pumpkins and decorating for spooky season is my favorite thing to do when fall rolls around. The cooler weather, colorful leaves and fall candles are the things that make this my favorite time of the year. I love to throw on a sweater and watch scary movies all day or huddle around a campfire on the cool nights.

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Riding motorcycles

fall activity
Young Marie Underwood waves to the camera on a motorcycle with her father. (Photo courtesy Melita Underwood circa 2009)

Growing up, I always loved going on motorcycle rides with my dad in the fall. This time of year has some of the most perfect weather for a nice ride. Driving around and seeing all the colors changing was my favorite part, aside from our occasional ice cream stops. We don’t go on rides anymore but it was something I always looked forward to.