Put down the books and put on your dancing shoes for Ballroom Dance Club

Ballroom shoes set up with the ballroom flyer at Jojo's Cookout.
Ballroom shoes and the ballroom party flyer is set up for Jojo’s Cookout. (Photo by Elisabeth Brockman)

Getting ‘Back in the Swing’ isn’t just preparing for classes and the hustle and bustle of campus. It is the first time since February 2020 that the Ballroom Dance Club will be able to hold their monthly meetings.

At each gathering, the club teaches dancing lessons and hosts a party. 

On Sunday, Sept. 19, the club will be hosting their  ‘Back in the Swing’  themed party. It will be in H Building, studio H-139.

All Ballroom Dance Club dance lessons and parties are open to the public. The entry fee is $3 per person or $5 for one person and their friend. Water and candy are included in both prices. 

Kellie Lajiness, dance instructor and founder of the Ballroom Dance Club, started the club to allow students to have the opportunity to encounter ballroom dance in a fun environment with less expense.

The club places an emphasis on learning how to dance and having fun while doing it. No experience is necessary to join the group, said Elisabeth Brockman, Ballroom Dance club member.

 “I would definitely suggest that people come because of the mentoring atmosphere,” Brockman said. “If you’re new, you come and we will teach you.”

Dancing skills are not the only thing gained from the club parties.

“So many beautiful friendships have been born,” Lajiness said. “Just great camaraderie and support. I think being supportive of each other when trying new things is important.”

Being able to connect with fellow students in a fun environment is important to MCCC student, Ayessa Pidruzny.

“Since this is my first year, it would be nice to interact with other people who are in different years,” Pidruzny said. “I would definitely be interested in attending.”

The Ballroom Dance Club has a party on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

“You come to love it as you’re learning and that’s what’s really special,” said Brockman. “Anyone can come and anyone can join in. We trade off partners and learn different steps together.”