Flower power! Raising funds for MCCC Agriculture Club

On Saturday, Sept. 18, the MCCC Ag Club held a flower sale next to the field of sunflowers they had cultivated. It was from 8:30am to 11:30am.

The proceeds from the sale will go towards the keeping the farm running, as well as funding the various activities the Ag Club does, advisor Andy McCane said. Some of those activities include golf outings, a fall festival and feeding a family for Christmas.

Ag Club members Josie Sonnenverg, Joseph Woody and Taylor Fitch ran the stand.

You-pick sunflowers, 10 for five dollars. Pre-cut sunflowers, 5 for five dollars. Potted mums, ten dollars. Corn stalk bundle, five dollars.
A handmade sign displays the items for sale and their prices.


Stacy Thomas uses shears to harvest a sunflower
Community member Stacy Thomas harvests sunflowers. “Come to Momma,” Stacy said as she caught the flower in her arms.
Stacy Thomas holds a sunflower and a pair of shears in her hand, smiling at the camera.
Stacy holds the sunflower she just cut. She said she will use the flowers for her daughter’s sunflower themed baby shower. “We’re going to decorate with these and eat a bunch of sunflower cupcakes, too,” Stacy said.
A collage of two girls, one older and one younger. They are holding sunflowers.
Andy’s daughters Maddi and Zoey help with the sunflower sale, harvesting flowers and carrying them over to the stand.
A green caterpillar on a leaf
Zoey holds up the caterpillar she found while harvesting sunflowers.
Anne and Jessica stand, looking at sunflowers, while Joseph, Taylor, Josie and Andy chat with them.
Community members Anne and Jessica chat with Joseph, Taylor, Josie and Andy about the flowers the Ag Club has for sale.
A collage of three women cutting sunflowers
Community members Debbie Interbitzin, Darla Hamrick and Dayna Mosley opted to cut their own sunflowers.
Andy holds sunflowers, Josie stands at the sale table
(Left) Andy helps a customer carry flowers to their car. (Right) Josie runs the sunflower stand.