Alumni Staff

Claire Bacarella

Throughout my learning career, I have always excelled at reading and writing. But it is truly the support from my various English teachers that sparked my passion for storytelling.

I am pursuing a degree in Journalism because I am a firm believer in being educated about the world around you. News programs have a comforting quality about them as they allow me to feel equipped to tackle life by knowing about things that are going on.

I have wanted to be a journalist since I discovered my love of English in middle school. I lost it at the beginning of high school, and in the last year or so the love was ignited again – prompting me to join the Agora.

When I’m not writing for the Agora, you can find me making ice cream sundaes, spending time with my dogs, and serving my community.

I cannot wait to take this first step in starting my journalism career, while also giving back and highlighting the school I love.