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The journey from ad to assistant editor

Sometimes a small advertisement to get involved can go a long way.

My first time on campus, at the new-school orientation, I saw a flyer to join the Agora, and upon reading, was immediately interested.

Though joining didn’t fit my schedule that semester, I was encouraged to still get involved by the current editor at the time and my great friend, Todd Salisbury.

Todd allowing me to help in simple ways like working with the staff during the concession stand at MCCC’s 2019 cat show really got me to notice how great a group the Agora is.

Upon joining the staff in the 2020 Winter Semester, I can say the Agora has truly been a place for journalists to grow together in writing ability and friendship.

It’s incredible the dynamic present in efficiently getting the news out to the community, while still getting to talk and know each other.

To consider the Agora as just another club on campus would be a severe understatement.

The Agora is a community.

A community where students can come together to report on what’s happening at the college, while also giving our opinions on pressing issues and our own media interests.

I couldn’t begin to count all the fascinating people at the college I’ve been able to meet through interviews.

Plus, writing about the video games and music I love never even crossed my mind before coming on staff.

The Agora can be challenging, especially while taking other classes at the same time, and, in my case, also juggling a full-time job.

Yet, what ambitious opportunity doesn’t seem overwhelming at times?

It just makes it that more worth it when your final work is published.

Plus, no sleep is more rewarding than one taken after an 11-hour Agora page design Friday.

It’s been hard seeing former staff members come and go through my tenure.

What’s even harder now is being on the opposite end of that goodbye.

Though I’m sure my role as assistant editor has been beneficial for the Agora, we wouldn’t be where we are today without this year’s editor, Noah Black.

Numerous times I’ve fretted over the completion of stories and issues by our deadlines. Yet Noah has always surprised me with his ability to make things all come together in the end.

My story submissions haven’t always been timely, yet he’s always planning things out well in advance, so we meet our schedule’s requirements.

With both of us leaving, the Agora will be in good hands with our upcoming editor, Lauren Werlinger, and anything under the supervision of our adviser, Matt Bird-Meyer, will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Though the Agora hasn’t always been easy, it’s been an incredible way to get involved with the college and let our voices be heard to others. But ultimately, the greatest part of the Agora has been the people I’ve been able to work with through this incredible journey.