MCCC granted $250K for workforce development

Some $250,000 has been granted to further develop courses in automation and robotics at MCCC

The H-1B One Workforce Grant was made available by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration as a federal grant.

The grant application titled “Building an Industry Infinity Supply Chain,” is comprised of a total amount of $10 million.

Eight community colleges, Henry Ford College, Macomb Community College, Monroe County Community College, Mott Community College, Oakland Community College, Schoolcraft College, Washtenaw Community College and Wayne County Community College District — will receive $2 million of the $10 million.

The rest of the funding from this grant goes to the Michigan Works! Agencies.

Cajetan D’Cunha, MCCC grant writer and coordinator said, “Grant funds (are) to be used for career pathway planning, employer collaborative participation and instructional development of certification training programs in the manufacturing sector for middle and high skill occupations.”

When deciding what grants to apply for, grant search engines, newsletters and information from president Quartey, faculty, staff and board members are helpful, D’Cunha said.

Parmeshwar Coomar, dean of Applied Science and Engineering Technology, is in charge of implementing this grant.

“More students can be taught with more sections funded by grant money,” Coomar said.

The funding of this grant will allow for more training in the Robotics, Automation and Computer Numerical Control classes at MCCC.

“People with requisite skills is much needed,” Coomar said.

Barry Kinsey, director of Workforce Development, said the grant will be used for developing new programs for individuals to be trained to be qualified for employment.

MCCC’s welding program will also benefit from the workforce grant by providing new programs, Kinsey said. These programs could include those in logistics or supply chain management.

With the use of the grant funds, MCCC will finally be able to provide the necessary training that the business world is asking for, Kinsey said.