Student Government hosts second scavenger hunt

Once their items were found, the participants would have to hold the items in front of the camera before points were awarded
(Photo by Jerry Meade).

It isn’t often the members of a virtual event are out of breath most of the meeting.

However, this was the case during the MCCC Student Government’s Valentines Scavenger on Feb. 12.

The event was the second of its kind, with the first virtual scavenger hunt being in November 2020. The first scavenger hunt only saw a turnout of five students, with only one not being from Student Government.

This second time around though, 11 participants were present, leading to more competition and student banter than previously.

The rules of the hunt stated that a specific household item would be called out and the first person to bring the item back to their screen would get first place with three points, second place with two points, and third place with one.

Tallies would be counted at the end of three 10-round sections, with the final scores after the 30th round being the winners.

Item prompts ranged from musical instruments to baby pictures, with no central theme associated with the items.

Because of the guideline that participants could not move their camera once the event started, students were seen running away from their camera view, where they would search their house for an item to bring back to their screen as soon as possible.

This led to many students returning to their screens winded each round.

“I remember knowing where all the items were, however, getting to them in time was a different story,” said MCCC student Natalie Burkheiser.

Few placement ties led to extra rounds in the event, but Burkheiser ultimately won first place at the end of the event.

“I was last in the first and second rounds, but I was having fun running around the house,” Burkheiser said.

This was Burkheiser’s first time attending a virtual scavenger hunt, and she encourages more students to participate in future events like these.

“Having more students would have made it more challenging for sure, but who doesn’t like a little friendly competition?” Burkheiser said. “Who doesn’t like winning a gift card?”

Student Government advisor Tom Ryder said these events are great for students.

“I think if more had attended, I think they would have been surprised and had a really good time,” Ryder said.

He thanks Student Government members for putting together this event considering how
it can be a challenge to organize events for students during this time.

The Student Government will continue to host future virtual events throughout the semester.

“There was a lot of hard work, time, and effort put into this activity by the Student Government and ran flawlessly and smoothly the entire time,” Burkheiser said.” I know they would appreciate more students checking out their events. Bring a student friend and join in on the fun together.”