Alumni Staff

Alaina Kecskes

My name is Alaina Kecskes.

I am currently taking prerequisite classes at MCCC in order to transfer to Lake Superior State University.

I love nature and animals so I plan on studying Fisheries and Wildlife Management when I transfer to LSSU.

Although animals and nature are my passions, I do also enjoy writing. When I was in high school, English and Journalism always came simple to me because I love writing.

I think it is important to get involved with the community around you which is why I joined the Agora.

I’m excited to be writing about different events going on around the college.

When I’m not writing for  the Agora, I may be doing makeup. One of my hobbies is doing makeup and creating colorful makeup looks. I see it as drawing or painting on my face.

You may also find me working at Calder’s Dairy Farm. I love working in the farm store all year round, serving ice cream. I also love doing farm tours in the spring, summer and fall.