Alumni Staff

Julianna Metdepenningen

As you can already see, my name is Julianna Metdepenningen, but you can call me Jewels.

I spent more time deciding what picture to use here than actually thinking about what to write for this introduction.

I am a very active person, and I enjoy working out and playing sports— golf being by far my favorite.

I have a passion for iced coffee, so much so that my body is made up of more coffee than water at this point.

When it comes to music, Lil Uzi Vert is my favorite rapper, and I plan on marrying him one day if he ever notices me.

Inside scoop of my life aside, this is my second semester at MCCC where I am studying broadcasting and journalism.

My joining the Agora was because I think it would be a great stepping stone for my future so I can feel out the field before I join it after college.

This is my first semester writing for the Agora.

Though I was never a part of any kind of newspaper during high school,  I found writing papers and researching fairly easy when it had to be done.

But you know what they say, “Can’t knock it till you try it.”