Alumni Staff

Elisabeth Brockman

I am a seeker of truth, knowledge and inspiration.

When writing a bio, I am at a loss.

How can one explain who they are when they are in constant flux?

I embrace the unexpected and look for the experiences that will force me to change. Journalism is a catalyst for positive improvement.

I am in my third year at MCCC. I have earned an Associate of Science and an Associate of Arts.

Keeping with my desire to give back to MCCC for all I have learned and gained here, I am staying on during the Fall 2021 semester as a Tutor for the LAL and Assistant Editor for the Agora.

Writing is one of my most passionate areas of interest. As a member of the Agora, I am developing my applied writing skills.

In a compulsive desire to experience everything, I am a chronic over-scheduler. How else can one take advantage of the endless opportunities of life?

I am active in many organizations around campus.

You can find me at Destination Dance practice, choir performances, Student Government events, Tutoring in the LAL, in the Writing Center and within the pages of the Agora.

When I am not studying, I enjoy biking, playing the piano and reading.

I look forward to another semester of sharing the news of MCCC.