Virtual scavenger hunts may continue

Student government member, Nick Manor, holds up a paprika can at the Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt virtual activity on Oct. 30.

Even with a low turnout, events can still be considered a success.

The MCCC Student Government hosted their Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt student activity Oct. 30.

Student Government hosts a campus  scavenger hunt  every year, yet due to this year’s circumstance, the event was conducted through Zoom video chat instead.

Invitation emails were sent out to  all students weeks in advance.

Once time came for the event to start, however, no students were present.

Tom Ryder, Student Government adivsor, waited with  the event chair, Alivia Funchion, and committee members Nick Manor, Keegan Mielke  and Michaela Zangara for any students to join.

The committee began having talks about canceling the event because of no attendees yet there.

It wasn’t until 15 minutes after the event was scheduled to start that one participant, Olivia Gould, had joined the video call.

Despite the small turnout, the event still started not long after, with all the committee members participating and Ryder observing.

The scavenger hunt then began.

There would be 30 rounds where Funchion would announce an item prompt. Participants would then have to find that item in their house and bring it back to show on their camera.

Three points would be given for the first person to bring the item back, two points for second and so forth.

First, second and third place winners would each get a gift card prize.

The only rule was that students had to keep their camera in the same spot during the entire hunt.

The second each item was called, participants were seen running out of their camera’s view to search their house and bring the items back.

The item prompts ranged from tennis balls and gaming controllers to car keys and coffee mugs.

Some items were hard for students to find.

“Well, Nick found out he had paprika in his house today,” said Funchion after Manor returned first with the most obscure item of the night.

Ryder even participated in one round when a sauce packet was announced that he had right next to him.

“We save packets,” Ryder said after students were asking how he had it so quick in hand. “Must be an old person thing.”

Once the points of each round were tallied,  the winners were announced as follows:

Michaela Zangara won first place with 43 points, Alivia Funchion in second with 40 points and Nick Manor in third with 38 points.

“That was awesome. I had great time watching,” said Ryder after the last round had ended.

Ryder said Student Government, despite how the limited events can be during this pandemic, Student Government got very creative in using virtual media to keep students engaged.

“My only disappointment is that we didn’t get a larger turnout of students,” Ryder said. “This was a great way to meet new people, have fun and for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card.”

Alivia Funchion also thought the hunt was a success.

“I was very proud of the scavenger hunt. While the turnout may not have been very big, it was still a lot of fun.  To see my plans, with the help of the rest of the committee, come together like that was really rewarding. It was a fun way to be online together but also laugh and have a great time,” Funchion said.

The event committee talked about possibly doing more virtual scavenger hunts throughout the semester.

“In the future I hope to see more people participate and I think that can happen with some new twists on the scavenger hunt,” Funchion said. “Getting clubs and possibly even staff, I believe we can generate a greater turnout.”

Students will be emailed when any more events from Student Government like this are announced throughout the semester.