‘Kirby Fighters 2’ suddenly appears on Switch

Nintendo released a Kirby game seemingly out of nowhere.

“Kirby Fighters 2” came out on the Nintendo Switch eShop on Sept. 23.

There were no announcements of the game before its release, aside from a leaked product listing made on the Nintendo eShop the previous day.

With a game having no build-up, it might be expected to seem rushed or lesser quality than typical Kirby series games.

This definitely was not the case.

The “Kirby Fighters” series first started as a mini-game for “Kirby Triple Deluxe” on the 3DS in 2014.

“Kirby Fighters Deluxe” was released a year later as a stand-alone title for the 3DS yet didn’t add much compared to the original.

With “Kirby Fighters 2” now being on a home console, efforts were definitely made to create a game that delivered in gameplay, content and overall fun.

It’s a basic team fighting game with 17 Kirby copy abilities and five separate characters to play as.

Each Kirby copy ability has a unique move-set based on each trait.

All are returning abilities from previous Kirby games, with the exception of the all-new wrestler ability. Wrestler Kirby has moves that mostly center on grabs and suplexes.

The controls are very reminiscent of “Super Smash Bros.,” but with less diverse button mapping that makes it easy for anyone to pick up and play.

The main matches consist of four players, with two on each team. To defeat the opposing team members, one must attack them until their life meter runs out.

Various healing and damage items can be used to make the matches interesting.

The buddy star blaster in particular needs to be collected by both teammates which, when collected, can shoot a laser beam at an opposing players.

One mechanic can really give either side a real “second life” in battle if pulled off correctly.

If one member of a team is defeated, they turn into a flying ghost who still has the ability to hit the opposing team.

If a hit is landed, that ghost revives with stamina, giving them another chance at victory. This can potentially change the tide of matches and doesn’t secure a victory until both members on a team are defeated.

“Kirby Fighters 2” also features a story mode centered on series villains King Dedede and Meta Knight who challenge Kirby to a fight atop a tower.

Kirby must traverse up the tower and fight different enemies on each floor to reach the duo at the top.

In between floors, the user has the option to choose between three different types of items such as attack increases and health recoveries.

Choosing the right items for the challenge becomes vital, with each floor getting consecutively difficult.

Strategizing what items will best aid in the journey is a very unique dynamic that isn’t often seen in fighting games

Outside of the story mode, this game is best played with others through online or local co-op.

In both single and multiplayer there is a plethora of unlockables to collect ranging from characters and stages to quirky Kirby outfits.

In terms of other fighting games out there, it’s incomparable to the scope of “Smash Bros.” Yet, with all the ways to play and areas to unlock, the game is definitely worth the $20 price tag.