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Agora podcast picks to perk you up

My Brother, My Brother and Me

If you’re looking for a simple advice show, well, look elsewhere.

“My Brother, My Brother and Me” is an advice show for the “modren” era.

Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy, are just three brothers who started a podcast and their advice should never be followed.

Every week the McElroy brothers answer listener questions and give advice based on their experiences as brothers, fathers and all around swell guys.

Along with listener questions, the McElroys also read various, often ridiculous questions from the Yahoo Answers service.

Questions like, “I had a dream that Mike Pence kissed my forehead. Is that bad?” and “I think I have Pepsi stuck in my lungs. What do I do?” and “Smoke coming from belly button!!?” are only a few of the Yahoo Answers that the McElroys tackle with goofs and laughs aplenty.

“MBMBaM” also has a variety of content, with past live shows and special holiday episodes included among the series’ 500-plus catalog of episodes.

Not only do the brothers discuss and sometimes answer questions, but the brothers also have recurring segments to spice up the formula.

“Munch Squad,” “Haunted Doll Watch” and “Riddle Me Piss” are only a few of the gag segments that the brothers have to entertain listeners.

“Munch Squad” in particular is a fan-favorite where Justin randomly interrupts his brothers to begin his “podcast within a podcast” about the latest press releases in regards to crazy fast food menu changes and promotions.

There are many recurring jokes that have accrued over the course of the series run, but none are too hard to understand to bar new listeners from enjoying and laughing along with the McElroy brothers.

If “MBMBaM” interests you, the McElroy brothers and their father, Clint, also host a range of other podcasts that can be found at www.themcelroy.family.


H3 Podcast

Ethan and Hila Klein garnered internet infamy for their sketch and comedy videos from their H3H3 Productions YouTube channel in the early 2010s.

The Kleins were already big names in the internet scene with comedic videos like “Vape Nation” reaching millions of views.

From crazy celebrity interviews to hilarious internet news commentary, the H3 Podcast has continued to keep me a regular since the release of its first episode.

With their status, Ethan and Hila often-times interview celebrities on their show such as Logic, Justin Roiland and even Papa John Schnatter himself.

Yet Ethan and Hila continue to make the show great even without guests.

Creative segments like ranking the worst tattoos on the internet, creating an Influencer Fail Tier List, and reacting to videos of deranged people in mobility scooters make the podcast comedic from start to finish.

The behind the scenes crew aren’t always behind the scenes.

Like Ian “the intern” (now Ian “the salaried employee”) who will sometimes do power points with topics ranging from the mind of Kanye West to the future of generated music.

If you’re looking for a podcast to entertain and get your mind off college for a bit, the H3 Podcast is just for you.


Despite the name, “Triforce!” has little to do with “The Legend of Zelda” video game series specifically, but rather three content creators and video game streamers who have a habit of going on long anecdotes tangentially related to video games.

Hosted by Lewis Brindley, Chris Lovasz  and Ted Forsyth, each episode rarely pertains to a certain theme or topic.

A story can last from a handful of seconds to the whole hour long podcast, with topics ranging from a vacation to Japan to buying a new flavor of vape.

Whatever the subject, it doesn’t take long for the trio to end up on a shenanigan-filled sidebar that’s sure to make you crack a smile.

Even after only watching a handful of episodes the personalities of the hosts will reveal themselves, shedding light on just how they end up in the situations that they do every week.

Such personalities include Lewis’ special brand of social awkwardness, like desperately trying to make jokes with his gym trainer or watching helplessly as a stranger dips a hand into his fries.

Chris and Ted, on the other hand, are both dads. Both have a variety of stories to tell about their children ranging from wholesome to as chaotic as possible.

While listeners of more structured podcasts might be off-put by the bouncing between video games, daily life stories and dad jokes, “Triforce!” is perfect for anyone hoping to get an unexpected chuckle out of their background noise.


The Anthropocene Reviewed

The Anthropocene Reviewed is a podcast written by John Green, author and YouTube content creator.

Green reviews different aspects of the modern world. He rates, on a five-star scale, everything from sunsets to the seed potatoes of Leningrad.

Green brings a fresh perspective, dismantling common beliefs and going past the obvious.

He takes you through the extensive history of each item he reviews, sharing personal experiences he associates with each topic.

Within each review is a memoir. Green writes with candor and utmost sincerity, careful to not romanticize pain and suffering, but creating space for the listener to simply sit with those unpleasant feelings.

Green does not shy away from talking about the negative aspects of each topic, like how massively air conditioning contributes to global warming.

But he also never fails to find hope.

He often captures the gentle, quiet longing intrinsic to the human experience as well.

“I’ll never speak again to many of the people who loved me into this moment, just as you will never speak to many of the people who loved you into your now. And so we raise a glass to them-and hope that perhaps somewhere, they are raising a glass to us,” Green says in episode 24, “Auld Lang Syne.”

The Anthropocene Reviewed reminds me to be curious, always, even about subjects that seem familiar. But most importantly, this podcast reminds me that I am not alone.