Alumni Staff

Lauren Werlinger

You know that phase kids go through, where they ask ‘why’ about every little thing? I never grew out of that phase.

I constantly want to learn more, meet new people, and most importantly, find out why things are the way they are.

Writing for the Agora gives me an excuse to keep asking why.

The Fall 2020 semester was my first semester on staff. I learned so much and explored which topics I’m truly passionate about.

Now, with two semesters of experience behind me, I have the direction and focus necessary to guide my staff in our goal to fulfill our campus community’s information need. We have a small team, but I think we’re going to do great things.

This is my fifth year at the Middle College and my semester at MCCC. Once I graduate with my high school diploma and an Associate of Science. I plan to transfer to a four year university.

When I’m not writing, you’ll find me going for a walk at Sterling State Park, playing D&D and painting with watercolors.