Phones down on campus throughout April

Phones on MCCC’s campus have not been receiving incoming calls throughout the month of April, according to online updates on the campus homepage.

Kelly Heinzerling, director of purchasing and auxiliary services, said the current phone system deployed on campus is not the source of the problem, but that the majority of reported issues on campus involve incoming or outgoing calls which is the responsibility of current service provider, AT&T.

Heinzerling said that although the issues with the AT&T phone lines in the past have been resolved in a timely manner, the current issue of intermittent service is unusual.

“There is no doubt that we are all working through challenges during this unprecedented time,” Heinzerling said. “Our Marketing Department does a great job of ensuring that the college website is updated with information on any phone system issues, as well as providing email addresses as an alternate form of communication.”

Heinzerling said AT&T is investigating the issue and working with her on a resolution.

“A phone system and service provider replacement is just one of the many projects that are in process on campus at this time which will resolve these issues in the future,” Heinzerling said.

AT&T was reached out to but was unavailable.