MCCC transitions to online courses for remainder of semester

MCCC has transferred all of its on-campus classes to an online format to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

An email was sent to students March 19 to inform that classes will be transitioned to online format for the remainder of the semester.

Valerie Culler, director of Financial Aid, said MCCC professors are doing an exceptional job adjusting to the switch t0 online classes.

She said students enrolled in cancelled classes will receive an Incomplete (“I”) and may re-enroll in any section of the same course when it is offered again in the Fall 2020 or Winter 2021 semesters at no cost.

Students may only re-enroll once per class for which they are awarded an Incomplete.

Students should continue to participate in their classes and follow directions from the respective faculty regarding each class. Normal grades will be awarded for these classes.

Kellie Kull, administrative assistant to the director of admissions and dual enrollment, said this change is new to everyone.

“We are all trying to do our best to still be in touch with our students,” Kull said. 

MCCC has advisors who are still reaching out to students via phone calls and emails. Although they are not meeting with students face to face at this time, they are continuing to meet students’ needs.

The admissions office is still answering emails, advising and checking voicemails remotely. 

“This situation is new for us, but I think we are handling it very well,” Kull said. “We may take a little longer in certain processes, [but] we will and do still get our work done.” 

Jack Larmor, auto service program coordinator, said it’s a learning curve for students and faculty.

“We can film ourselves doing a task and take tests online.” Larmor said. “It might be a little bit difficult but for what they have left I think they’ll do good.” 

Larmor said MCCC is trying to focus on students and the last thing the college wants is to lose them because of this situation. 

Due to not being on campus, Larmor said he already misses seeing the faculty.

“It’s a little bit different but it’s something we have to deal with,” he said. 

Culler said all courses for the upcoming Summer 2020 semester will be online.

“We are looking forward to summer registration beginning next week and our staff is happy to help students work through not only the remainder of the winter semester, but helping plan for their summer semester as well,” Ryan Rafko, director of admissions and guidance services said.