Randy Daniels retires from MCCC

A file photo of Randy Daniels in 2005.

A chapter of MCCC’s administration history closed Feb. 28 as Randy Daniels, vice president of Student and Information Services of MCCC retired.

“It was 25 years ago, it started off as a part-time job in 1992,” Daniels said. “I was a part-time counselor over in admissions.”

He said when he was meeting everyone, it was a bit overwhelming when trying to remember all the names.

Daniels said staff were extremely welcoming and friendly, stopping by from their offices to say hello.

On his first day, he said he thought about his journey teaching pre-K.

Prior to MCCC, Daniels said he started off as an elementary teacher and coach and worked his way up to a high school counselor.

“It’s covering all the educational systems in this country,” Daniels said. “My career here was starting off on a good note.”

Daniels said his job was directly aiding students.

“I set the goal to make a difference in someone’s life,” he said.

Daniels said he worked on many collaborative projects at MCCC, such as enhancing technology.

He said when he first came to the college, he helped students register for classes — but the registration process was a hassle.

Students could only register on certain days and times, which depended on the student’s last name and how many credits they earned.

He said if a new student walked in and it wasn’t their day to register, the student would have to return on the correct day.

Randy Daniels, vice president of Student and Information Services of MCCC poses for a photo in his office.

“Imagine going to Walmart and you say you need a loaf of bread and they said they don’t have it and you need to come back tomorrow to get your loaf of bread,” Daniels said. “It’s just inconvenient.”

Daniels said students now have the option to meet with any of the counselors on campus.

“It doesn’t matter if you come in on a Tuesday or a Friday, we’ll get them registered,” Daniels said. “So many things have changed.”

He said even though his position changed, he still advises students with their classes and helps them register.

“It’s very important to me to not lose touch with students and maintain the connection,” he said.

Ann Gerweck has worked with Daniels for three years as his administrative assistant.

“He leads by example in everything he does, and he has shown us all how to be more patient and respectful of other people’s ideas,” Gerweck said.

“He is an effective and respected leader and at the same time a true team player.”

Gerweck said Daniels helped students navigate through educational and personal challenges they have faced and has always made himself available to them.

“I appreciate all that he’s done for our students, our campus community and the community at large,” Gerweck said. “He will be missed a great deal.”

Daniels said he loved his time at MCCC and in education.

“Education has been my life,” Daniels said.

As this chapter of his life closes, Daniels said he looks to spend more time aiding his church.

“My wife and I switched to a new church five years ago, and a year ago my pastor was talking to me and got me more involved with the committee,” Daniels said.

He said his pastor got him involved in leadership roles at church.

“I think the good Lord was trying to tell me something,” Daniels said. “I sat down with my wife and told her that I think it’s time. I think the church is a path I’m being led down.”

He said he loves to travel with his wife. In fact, they have a trip planned in April to go to Aruba with their kids and grandchild. He said he also plans to spend his time in retirement fishing and hunting.

Daniels said he created a lot of friendships at MCCC and collaborated on so many projects with people.

He said it is difficult to walk away from those relationships.

“I’m going to miss the students and the people,” Daniels said. “I’ve spent a lot of time here and it’s been a wonderful place.”