East West Tech renamed to honor college founders

The East and West Tech Buildings have a new name after the Board of Trustees meeting Feb. 24.

Renovations bring the East and West Tech buildings together. Archive photo

The Board approved a recommendation from Kojo Quartey, MCCC president, that proposed renaming the two buildings Founders Hall.

Sue Wetzel, vice president of Administration, said Founders Hall is supposed to honor the hard work of the founders of MCCC.

“They really are why we’re here, because they knew that students needed higher education that they could afford and they made that happen,” she said. “Its unbelievable what that group of people did, just amazing.”

Wetzel said the new name started gaining traction around a year ago.

“People started kicking around ideas about what it would be,” she said. “We talked about Legacy Hall, Founders Hall and some other names informally.”

Besides the new name, Wetzel said there has been discussion of honoring the founders with a small display in the student area of the new building.