Alumni Staff

Gracyn Wener

How would I, Gracyn Wener, explain Gracyn Wener? 

She’s a stereotypical Aries. A constant violator of twitter’s community guidelines. A self-described Beatles historian (she literally cried when she walked across Abbey Road). A chronic wearer of plaid. Frequent Starbucks customer. Really big fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. A lover of independent film. Slightly dramatic. Wants to be your friend. 

Jokes aside, for as long as I could formulate words, I’ve been writing. From filling up notebooks with stories full of misspelled words and literally no plot, to getting my first laptop and writing chapters upon chapters of a novel that nobody would read. Writing is something my family has always encouraged me to pursue as a career, and that is what I plan to do.

This is my first semester writing for the Agora after freelancing last semester. But I was a part of Monroe High School’s newspaper, Lotus Leaf, for four years. So it feels really refreshing to be back in a newsroom environment and sharing the inside scoop on current events again.