Alumni Staff

Kaylena Watson

Hi, my name is Kaylena Watson. This is my second year at MCCC and this is my first semester on the Agora. I am very excited to be a part of it. I decided in the future would like to transfer to Siena Heights University due to their Professional Communications program.

I didn’t know I would enjoy journalism so much, considering the fact I used to want to be a preschool teacher.

Once I took a journalism class on campus, I knew it was going to my new calling.  There’s a lot of things that interest me such as; writing songs, books, and poems.

I also like taking pictures, not just of myself, but the things around me. Capturing things in the moment is special to me whether it’s a smile, a rose in the wind, or the sky when it’s lightening.

When I’m not at school or work, I am either with friends and family or trying to paint like Bob Ross.

Journalism definitely has given me the mentality to make it happen and shock everyone. I’m thrilled to see where the semester takes me!