Alumni Staff

Jerry Meade

My friends and family may think I joined the Agora because of my parents’ careers in journalism.

I joined, rather, to get involved with a college organization, keep students informed about the campus, and share my pop culture interests in writing.

Both my mom and dad went to college for reporting, with them first meeting at a newspaper in Belding.

With over 30 years at the Monroe News under my dad’s belt, you might think that one of his 12 kids would take on the mantle.

Graphic design is actually my main study while attending MCCC, with my Agora interest only starting when I saw a flyer on campus before my first semester began.

Thanks to the recruitment efforts of the Agora’s previous editor, Todd Salisbury, I was able to join the staff in the Winter 2020 Semester.

Even with the events that transpired the latter half of the Winter Semester, my interest and involvement as a staff writer grew to new heights.

Now as the assistant editor, I hope to see the information and entertainment aspects of the paper grow in various ways.

The stories you’ll see me writing throughout the semester will range from campus updates, renovation revisions, as well as music and show reviews.

My entertainment interests I believe are unique, yet still relate to others.

You may see me write a review of a 50-year-old album one week, and a season review of a newly released anime the next, for instance.

With my graphic design focus, journalism could be considered a side project towards my career goals

But I don’t see it as something on the side, especially with my newly acquired title.

I am increasingly excited to incorporate the design skills I learn in classes this semester towards the Agora.

We all are met with uncertainties leading into this semester, and I want to help alleviate the possible stress that those uncertainties may cause, for both readers’ sake and my own.