Clery Act reports give MCCC clean year again

MCCC’s Clery Report came back as zeros in all categories for the third consecutive year.

“It’s a pretty clean report again, thankfully,” said Randell Daniels, vice president of Student and Information Services. “I’m grateful for the safety that we’ve enjoyed on this campus. I think it’s a tribute to the people that study here, that work here, and of course our security team.”

The Clery Report, a crime-statistic report sent out by post-secondary schools, allows students and faculty to have a better understanding of their school’s safety.

The Clery Act was put into place after Jeanne Clery was murdered in her dorm room at Lehigh University in 1986.

Following her death, it became a federal law for any school giving out financial aid to release an Annual Campus Security report (ACS) detailing the crimes that occurred on its campus.

These reports are colloquially known as Clery reports in her honor.

“The bottom line is that it requires institutions of higher learning to report crime statistics and a few other things to educate folks so that they can make decisions about their health and safety,” Daniels said.

Daniels said the Clery report contains useful information for staff and students regarding their safety.

“I think it’s a communication piece. It educates faculty, staff, students and visitors as to what’s happened on campus, what’s happening on campus,” Daniels said. “I think, as it was designed, it’s a tool for people to make decisions regarding their health and safety.”

However, not every crime is considered reportable under Clery Act regulations.

“For example, a wallet is taken out of a car. That is not a reportable Clery Act crime,” he said. “So it’s really the serious stuff: aggravated assault, murder, obviously, burglary where someone robs you at knifepoint or with a gun — those kinds of things are reportable crimes.”

Daniels encourages anyone who sees something out of the ordinary on campus to contact MCCC’s security team.

“Let us check it out; if it’s nothing, it’s nothing,” Daniels said. “But if there’s a chance it could be something, we ask and tell people: when in doubt, report it.”

Daniels said there are a number of resources available in regards to safety on campus.

“We have anonymous complaint forms that you can get to from the website, so a student can file a concern anonymously if they want to,” he said. “They can also text security — there are a variety of ways students and others can report crimes.”

To learn more about resources for staying safe, students and staff can visit the security page on MCCC’s website (

To report an anonymous tip go to

To contact the Campus Security Office call (734) 457-6007. For after hours, call the Campus Security Mobile number at (734) 735-9401. If it is an emergency, call 911.