Donors line up for blood drive

Got blood? These donors do.

Members of the community visited Monroe County Community College on Oct. 15 to participate in the Red Cross Blood Drive.

Held inside the Administration Building in the cafeteria, the blood drive had a steady flow of donors throughout the day. Denise Harvey, Red Cross supervisor, said the MCCC drive has always been busy.

Some donors said they learned about the blood drive through texts or emails.

Others found helping those in need a valuable incentive to donate.

Ervin Schafel donates blood on Oct. 15 at the A building. Over the years, he’s donated over 3 gallons of blood.

Dave Morjan said he has been donating since he was 18.

“It makes you feel better to help people out,” Morjan said.

Sarah Schneider was a donor of the valuable O-negative blood type.

Ervin Schafel said he’s donated for years, amounting to over three gallons of blood.

Donors could donate a pint of blood in the span of about an hour. However, if applicable, donors could also sign up for Power Red donations.

Power Red donations takes the red blood cells from the donor, but the other components of their blood, such as platelets and plasma, are returned. This process is done twice through the use of a centrifuge and can take a minimum of 30 minutes.

Bryan Rorke, Custodial Foreman at MCCC, said he wanted to put his good health to use at the blood drive.

“It’s probably the least I can do,” Rorke said.

A table with snacks and drinks were provided for donors after their donation.

For more information about donating blood, contact the Monroe Red Cross at (734) 971-5300.