Student Government welcomes new officers

The new Student Government officers for the 2019-2020 academic year. From left: Kayla Mercure, Alyssa Masserant, McKenzie Lamour, Nick Manor, and Alexis Cowell. Not pictured: Ethan Harbaugh.
McKenzie Lamour delivers her speech.
Alyssa Masserant speaks to Student Government.
Ethan Harbaugh gives an animated speech.
Nick Manor addresses Student Government.
Kayla Mercure gives her speech.
Alexis Cowell delivers her speech.
Student Government officers change year after year and Oct. 1, they elected new officers for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The new officers of Students Government are McKenzie Lamour as president, Alyssa Masserant as vice president, Kayla Mercure as secretary, Ethan Harbaugh as treasurer, Nick Manor as liaison, and Alexis Cowell as historian.

The officers were elected by the members of Student Government.

Students who wished to run in the elections had to be nominated by a member of the group.

After being nominated, all students that ran delivered a brief speech on the skills they would contribute to their desired position.

Following the speeches, members voted on the winners for each position. The candidate who secured the majority of the member’s votes won the position.

Lamour, who was voted the group’s president, said that her passion and people skills made her stand out from the crowd.

“I love working with this group so much, and I’m very passionate about every single thing that I’m assigned to do,” Lamour said.

Lamour has had experience holding a leadership position in Student Government — she acted as the group’s historian during the 2018-2019 academic year.

She said that if she was elected president, she would run the group in an organized way while also ensuring that the voice of every student was recognized.

“All of you bring great things to the table. I want to shine a light on that and make sure you guys are heard,” Lamour said.

Alyssa Masserant was elected as vice president.

Masserant delivered a speech that highlighted her leadership, organizational, and social skills. She said that as vice president, she would be able to offer the president an opposing point of view.

“(We) have a lot in common but we also have different viewpoints,” Masserant said of Lamour. “I think that would be a good idea to have a vice president that can relate to the president, but also bring different things to the table.”

The group elected Kayla Mercure as their new secretary.

Mercure said her organizational skills and faithful attendance to each meeting would make her a good choice for the position.

Ethan Harbaugh was chosen as treasurer.

Harbaugh, a second-year member of Student Government, highlighted his past experience as a treasurer in various clubs, and said his math skills and experience as a former student representative on the Alumni Board made him a viable candidate for the role.

“I’d like to be your treasurer so I can keep things on track, serve in leadership position, but also hang out with all of you guys,” Harbaugh said. “That’s my favorite part of this, getting to know all the people that I have over the past year.”

Nick Manor was elected as the group’s new liaison.

Manor pointed out that his talent for delivering entertaining speeches and knack for making PowerPoint presentations would serve him well as liaison.

Alexis Cowell was elected as historian.

Cowell is a second-year member of Student Government.

“I love this group, and I just wanted to be more involved somehow,” Cowell expressed in her speech.

She said that her photography skills and love for taking photos would make her a good choice for the group’s historian.

Following the elections, Tom Ryder, adviser of Student Government, addressed the group.

Ryder said that he was “very proud” of every student who ran for a position. He reminded the students that there are many opportunities to lead other than holding an officer position.

“We learn, we grow, we take on new challenges,” Ryder said.