Your Student Government and you

Illustration by Abbie Lancaster.

Student Government is a student-run leadership group at MCCC.

Despite its name, the focus of the group is not politics.

“Student Government is a team that is dedicated to making MCCC a better school through leadership, hard work and involvement,” said McKenzie Lamour, historian of Student Government.

“Whenever there is a problem with a student or group at MCCC, the Student Government team will do their best to ensure that the student or group’s issue is taken care of properly,” Lamour said.

The group assists in organizing 40 to 60 events every year, both on and off the MCCC campus.

The group has been involved in fundraisers, volunteer work and on-campus events such as dances and canned food drives.

“By supporting student organizations and planning exciting campus activities, MCCC Student Government works to create a fun atmosphere that fosters a community feeling among students,” said Tom Ryder, advisor for Student Government.

Any student enrolled at MCCC may join Student Government by sending a letter of intent to Tom Ryder stating why they wish to join.

“We typically don’t turn anyone away who wants to be a Student Government member. The group usually consists of a pretty diverse representation of our students,” Ryder said.

Although the group is not politically motivated, they do hold elections each year to choose new officers. This year’s election is scheduled for Oct. 1.

Elected positions include president, vice president, treasurer, historian, secretary and liaison.

Those who wish to run must be nominated by a current member of Student Government or nominate themselves. Candidates deliver a short speech explaining why they would be a good fit for their desired position. Members then vote.

The candidates who receive the most votes for their desired position are declared as the new officers of Student Government.

While the organization allows anyone from the student body to join and run for a position, students who are not members of Student

Government are not permitted to vote in the election.

Alyssa Baber, a member of Student Government, said the election of officers usually doesn’t affect the student body because they don’t control Student Government activities.

“If students want to get involved with elections, we would love to have them join us for our information meeting to see what it is all about,” Baber said.

Lamour said the student body doesn’t vote because they are not involved with Student Government.

“Personally, I agree with Student Government members being the only ones able to vote for officer positions because we know the candidates better than the students who are not members,” Lamour said.

“Student Government members are the only ones who make decisions on the events that we sponsor and put on.”

Barber said even if the elections were made open to all students, it would not improve student involvement in Student Government.

“The reason we keep our elections inside the student government room, in my opinion, would be because most of the student body doesn’t even know who the people running for these officers are. We would not want students just picking a random candidate if they are asked to vote,” Baber said.

The student body cannot participate in the election, but Student Government welcomes anyone who is interested to consider joining.

“We feel that it is not necessary to turn away any student from Student Government that wants to get involved and help the staff, students and community,” Ryder said.

Students who wish to join Student Government or learn more about the organization can contact Tom Ryder at