West misses release date of new album

The album cover of “Ye,” which released in 2018. “Ye” is Kanye West’s latest released album.

This was supposed to be a review of the new “Jesus is King” album by Kanye West.

“Jesus is King” was supposed to drop Sept. 27. At the time of this article, the album hasn’t been released.

West and his latest project have had a long road.

West announced the project “Yandhi” Aug. 2018 and was set to come out Sept. 2018 but was delayed with no release date.

Then West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, announced on Twitter Oct. 2018 the album would be out Black Friday. This was followed by Kanye posting on his Twitter roughly a week before Black Friday that the album was unfinished, and he needed more time.

Ultimately, the album never came.

Afterward, West began to show increase in his Christian faith, posting to Twitter about Jesus and Bible emojis.

He then started a tour of Sunday Services, stopping at venues and churches.

Since December, West has been touring the country for his Sunday Service shows, performing gospel renditions of songs.

Fast forward to Aug. 2019. West’s wife again took to Twitter to announce a new album, “Jesus is King.” Her tweet also included a track list and release date, Sept. 27.

It is unclear if “Yandhi” is “Jesus is King” or if they’re separate projects.

Sept. 27 came. West was in Detroit for a Sunday Service concert — then announced a last-minute event at the Fox Theatre called “Jesus is King: A Kanye West Experience” — then it was Sept. 28.

The album missed the date.

I think people can guess what happened next.

Kim jumped to Twitter again, telling fans to “Have faith.” She also informed followers on Instagram the album will be out Sept. 29 after listening sessions Sept. 28.

Maybe there will be a review of the album— it all depends on West.