Alumni Staff

Noah Black

Well this is certainly strange.

I never would have thought that a year from when I first started on the Agora staff, I would be heading the entirety of the paper.

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than grateful and delighted to be in this position, but it is certainly surreal to be where I am.

Despite only being on the staff for a little less than a year, the Agora has become something very near and dear to my heart.

It allows me to reach out and communicate with my peers in the student body and keep them updated on campus developments along with letting them in on what’s new and interesting in entertainment.

Joining the Agora is what made me want to pursue a degree in Communications, so I am finishing up my degree at Siena Heights while still taking classes here at MCCC.

Being educated is one of my passions, if I could keep on taking classes and learning for the rest of my life, I would be happy.

Aside from the editor position, I also work as a Writing Fellow here at MCCC to help tutor and guide my peers that are seeking help with writing assignments.

I don’t quite have the most interesting life off of campus. I come to campus, go home, play a game or watch TV, go to sleep, and do it all the next day.

I run a YouTube channel called TheArcWielder where I try to produce videos whenever I have a chance between classes and Agora work.

On this channel I produce short documentary videos about the production history of old television shows along with debunking various pseudosciences and conspiracy theories.

I am looking forward to my time as editor on the Agora and I can’t wait to continue to produce quality content for the Agora with my assistant editor, Jerry, and the rest of our delightful staff.