Keeping campus safe with Abel

New Security Supervisor Charlie Abel smiles while on duty, patrolling the MCCC campus.

Charlie Abel has been chasing after bad guys for years, but recently he traded in his handcuffs for something more moderate.

For four years, Abel has been working as a security officer at MCCC, and this past August he was named the new security supervisor on campus.

“My new position is very similar to the previous; patrolling the campus, being seen and trying to trouble shoot potential problems before they become problems,” Abel said.

In addition to those duties, Abel is tasked with supervising seven other security officers on MCCC’s main campus and four more at the Whitman Center.

Abel is also in charge of handling schedules, payroll, clothing purchases and taking care of any problems that his staff might face with faculty, students or visitors.

“I enjoy the challenge of something potentially different every day,” Abel said.

That is something Abel enjoyed with his previous position as well.

Before working at MCCC, Abel was a police officer for the city of Monroe for more than 25 years.

“I held a number of different positions from accreditation manager to training coordinator, administrative lieutenant to Support Services Division commander,” Abel said.

Out of the 25 years he served, Abel was a lieutenant for 13 years and a sergeant for six years.

“I enjoyed the autonomy of working on my own and conversely working with my other officers as a team,” he said.

During his 25 years in law enforcement, Abel faced several different types of scenarios.

One incident that sticks out from his memory was when a young woman climbed up the steeple of a cross at a church in Monroe.

“One of my officers volunteered that he and I climb up and talk her down,” Abel said.

At the time, the church was undergoing a large renovation and there was scaffolding all around the steeple.

“Needless to say, my wife and daughters were not very happy with me,” Abel joked.

Before climbing up church steeples and working the beat, Abel attended MCCC from 1978 to 1980, where he attained his Associate of Science. He also attended two other universities and received two more degrees.

“The changes and improvements from when I was here are incredible. The faculty and staff are first rate,” Abel said.

“One of the biggest things that stands out is the approachability of the staff and faculty. They take a genuine interest in the students.”

Tom Ryder, the events and student activities coordinator at MCCC, thinks highly of Abel.

“I’ve known Charlie for a few years now and really enjoy seeing him around campus and at events here,” Ryder said.

“Charlie has some great stories and has really become a good friend. I think the students that take the time to get to know him will feel the same. I do think MCCC is not only a better place, but a safer place because of him.”