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Jordan Jewell

Jordan Jewell

Sometimes, publishing a newspaper makes you want to rip out your hair.

In a field where you have to be quick, accurate, and articulate, all while coordinating tons of moving parts— some being far beyond your reach— you become plagued with tremendous stress.

I still do it though.

What’s more fun than always having the insider scoop, having your voice inform the public, or capturing the perfect moments on camera for everyone to see?

In a field where it seems like you’re constantly juggling a million things, there’s a sense of power and livelihood found nowhere else outside of the newsroom.

While on campus, I’m usually chasing a story. Outside of school, I enjoy theatre, music, painting and cinema.

From my first Disney movie as a kid, to my stage debut in middle school, to my first gig in journalism on the high school yearbook staff, visual, performing and literary arts have been an integral part of my life.

Being able to have creative outlets for my thoughts and feelings has formed who I am, along with granting me with the presence of some of the finest people I know.

Beyond MCCC, I hope to obtain a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university.

Although I don’t believe journalism is my end career goal, I hope to integrate the skills I’ve learned within the newsroom into whatever I do.

The Agora has taught me valuable lessons in responsibility, communication and friendship that will stick with me far beyond Monroe.