Early Childhood Education program grows up

MCCC’s Early Childhood Education program has been included in a $1.25 million grant from the University of Toledo. 
Early Childhood Education professor Felice Moorman began teaching at MCCC in January 2012 and cares for the program she has since helped grow. 
“This grant helps better prepare our program students to meet the needs of each and every child in their communities,” Moorman said. 
According to Moorman, MCCC was fortunate to receive such a large grant, and the professor thinks it is a testament to how far the program has grown. 
“I am unsure of the criteria UT used to select community college partners, however, all community college partners have earned NAEYC accreditation,” she said. 
“I believe that the program becoming accredited in March 2017 may have been a factor in the decision.”
The grant, which covers a period of five years, was awarded to UT by the Department of Education’s Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services.
Stephanie Wozniak, the other professor of Early Childhood Education, is also excited about the grant.
“The grant is titled the ‘Great Start for Higher Education’ project,” Wozniak said. “The selection process to participate in this grant was competitive and we are very honored and excited to be a part of this!”

Professor Felice Moorman works with a student.

Moorman is especially passionate about teaching the future of America. 
“I began my career teaching in the classroom with young children,” she said. “Fostering a young child’s growth and development has always been my passion.” 
Having children of her own is what led Moorman to teaching in a college setting.
“After the birth of my second son, I took time off and began teaching part-time at EMU. It was then that I realized I also loved teaching adults,” she said. “My role at MCCC allows me the best of both worlds in a wonderful and supportive college community.” 
Wozniak said she is interested in the career enhancing and personal growth opportunities the grant will provide. 
“I am looking forward to the professional development I will receive as part of this study with the emphasis being on supporting children and families through inclusive practices,” she said. “Anything that supports me in preparing my students to go into the community and support children and families is very exciting to me!”
Wozniak said the grant will continue to enhance the bond between the schools.
“We continue to have a positive relationship with UT’s Education Department,” she said. “Articulation agreements between MCCC and UT have been in place for some time and create ease of transfer for our students.”
After spending the last seven years in the Early Childhood Education program, Moorman has been able to watch the program she built flourish. 
“I am proud of the work that the ECE program faculty have done to ensure a high quality education for our students. It feels wonderful to be recognized for our achievements. Partnering with UT will further enhance student coursework, building upon the strong education already in place.” she said.