Alumni Staff

Todd Salisbury

Hey, I’m Todd Salisbury and this is my fourth semester on The Agora, second as editor.

I specialize in music, coffee and sarcasm.

My favorite genre of music varies depending on my mood, but I am usually listening to hip hop or a variant of rock music. The only constant is never playing country music. An artist who always pops up on my playlist is Travis Scott, despite his use of Spongebob’s “Sweet Victory” at the Superbowl for money and views.

Another artist I like was thrown in by my friend as a joke. The band is BTS, a Korean pop group that uses hip hop elements in their music.

While everyone loves Starbucks, I’m more of a Tim Hortons man. A medium sized medium roast with a double-double, two drops of sugar and two spurts of cream makes for an amazing morning of somewhat sweet caffeine.

Sometimes, I switch up with a pineapple-orange-mango Kickstart if I need a quicker boost.

I don’t mean to be sarcastic—it just happens. I try to curb it, truly, but sometimes people press the right button combination of stupid questions and dumb answers. Trust me, I try to curb it.

I enjoy movies directed by Christopher Nolan, as well as movies in the Marvel cinematic universe. My favorites are The Dark Knight, and, despite the Infinity movies being masterpieces, I still favor Captain America: Winter Soldier for its deceptions and twists.

My career goal is to get a professional communications degree and put it to use in the radio industry. I highly enjoy sports talk radio and various podcasts. I’m in the process of starting a podcast with a friend who runs the Instagram and YouTube pages “Brett jogs the world.”

I sort of tripped into journalism and the Agora, but I’ve enjoyed damn near every minute and look to continue its high standards while also pushing it forward into the digital age with social media and a stronger website.