The Agora: a place for passion

The Agora is not just for journalists.

It is for writers, bloggers, broadcasters, photographers, artists, critics, reporters, sports analysts, and anyone else who is passionate about what they do.

At the Agora, we deal with any and everything related to media.

While we do feature our stories in the newspaper and on our website, it is also a space for those who just want to express themselves.

Have a Gordon Ramsey moment after documenting your experience at a local restaurant.

Or, after watching the newest indie or blockbuster, put your feelings down on paper and let out your inner Roger Ebert.

If you’re interested in improving your photography skills, there’s no better place.

There’s also a place for traditional artists.

An artist can work on something amazing or go to an art exhibit and a piece just makes them go “Wow.” Showcase it, talk about it, and let others know.

Want to be a reporter, then go and interview people on campus for stories and report it or broadcast it.

These are talents not every journalist has, but every news organization needs.

If any of this sounds appealing, now is the time to sign up.

If you have already taken Journalism 161, just sign up for Journalism 162. If you have not, contact advisor Dan Shaw at deshaw@monroeccc.edu to discuss waiving the prerequisite.