College student Christmas gift tips

Art by Cheyanne Abel

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Unless you’re a college student with a parent who doesn’t know what to get you for Christmas.

People are difficult to shop for, especially college students.

Between working and going to classes, students may not have time to sit down with their parents to get questioned about what they need or want for Christmas.

It may be hard to swallow pride and admit that a well-thought-out gift could be useful.

Shawn Jackson, an MCCC economics student, doesn’t worry about his Christmas list.

“I usually don’t ask for much for Christmas,” Jackson said. “But batteries for a calculator definitely are helpful.”

Brian Schyllander, who studies mathematics at MCCC, said students in math courses may want to ask for the TI-84 or the TI-89; both are high end graphing calculators.

The two calculators are made by Texas Instruments and assist students with simultaneous equations, plotting graphs, and real world data collection. The TI-84 costs around $115 and the TI-89 around $145.

In addition, Schyllander said advice books for organization, test taking, and other topics would be beneficial.

Karalee Delormier, a student studying early childhood development, had other ideas for gifts.

“I feel like maybe gas cards,” Delormier said. “I waste so much gas coming up here almost every day.”

Gas cards can be bought at almost any supermarket or even at the gas station directly. Gift cards for stores such as Meijer and Walmart can be used at their respective gas stations as well.

Faith Drew, who also studies early childhood development, said gift cards for places to eat and shop are great, too.

Drew said craft supplies would be very helpful for her due to projects in her classes.

Student Brooke Ryan said a laptop or a bike would make great gift ideas.

“I got these last year, and really wanted them,” Ryan said.

Ryan received an Apple MacBook last Christmas, however there are other brands on the market for students. Some include  HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, and Asus.

If there’s little time to shop, cold hard cash is always an option.