Students excited for upcoming events

Signs have been displayed around campus
to encourage students to join Student Government this year.

Much of college is spent preparing: preparing for the semester, preparing to transfer, and preparing to make important decisions.

But members of Student Government are making important decisions now, running between 40 and 60 campus events a year.

On Tuesday, Sept. 25, at 12:30 p.m., Student Government will meet in Room 203 of the Z building to vote for new members for the current school year.

Tom Ryder, the director of Campus Student Activities, says past members and new students are able to nominate themselves.

“We have an information meeting on Sept. 11 and the next Tuesday I do a team building so all of the members have an opportunity to see peoples’ leadership styles,” Ryder said.

Samantha Beaudrie, 21, is a returning Student Government member.

“Last year I was the historian for the group,” Beaudrie said.

“I had so much fun taking pictures at the different events and then putting together a picture book filled with some awesome memories from last year.”

Beaudrie is looking forward to meeting this year’s new members.

“The most important trait in a member of Student Government would be someone who is a hardworking individual,” Beaudrie said.

“Someone who wants to make a difference on campus.”

Samantha Beaudrie

Jack Ryder, 17, said joining Student Government was one of the best decisions he has  made at MCCC.

“I reached out to Tom through an email,” Beaudrie said, “and I still remember how friendly everyone was to me, even though I was incredibly shy my first year being a part of SG!”

The student government members say they never forget their focus: representing the students of MCCC.

“In Student Government, I try to be as helpful as possible, and get people the information they need,” Jack Ryder said.

“I have chaired a few events, and now, since I have those under my belt I plan on improving those events and doing more for the group and for the students on campus.”

All members of the group are open to new ideas from students, which creates a comfortable environment for all.

“It allows students to expand their horizons and go out of their comfort zones,” Beaudrie said.

“I really found a home when I joined SG and made great friends with people that I never would’ve met otherwise,” Beaudrie said.

The group is run by everyday MCCC students, all of whom are in charge of creating and overseeing fun campus activities and events.

“I like them to come up with the events and ideas,” Tom Ryder said.  “I love the students’ energy and enthusiasm.”

The director of campus student activities says student government hosts many events, the most popular being the Sweetheart Ball and the Family Fun Night.

Jack Ryder, a returning member, lists Family Fun night as his favorite event.

“It’s one of our biggest events and leading up to the event itself is stressful,” he said.

In 2012, one of their biggest years, more than 700 children and adults attended Family Fun night, which is open to all members of the community.

“It takes a lot to pull it off,” Jack Ryder said, “and I think that’s why it is the most rewarding.”

“This year I am looking forward to the Halloween Bash,” Beaudrie said.

“It is something we are bringing back for the first time in a couple years. ”

Tom Ryder is also looking forward to the Halloween celebration, an event which he calls “The Black Light Boo Bash.”

“As of now, it will take place on Nov. 2, the Friday, after Halloween,” he said.

“The event will be held in the Cellar from 7-11 p.m. and we will provide pizza and other snacks for students.”

Student Government is requiring a small fee of $5 for entry, or $2 and a canned food item.

Beaudrie is most excited for the night’s DJ and the costume contest, with a cash prize of $30 for the winning costume.

“I think it is going to be a really fun event for students to come and dress up for Halloween,” she said. “We have a DJ and some neat decoration ideas to decorate the cellar for the event!”

Student Government will be voting for new members in Room 203 of the Z building, on Sept. 25, at 12:30.

“I look forward to the new year,” Jack Ryder said, “and to the events we have planned!