New lounge space opens to students in L Building

Grant McPeck and Cassandra Eby lounge in the new student space.

Students no longer have to sit on the dusty floor of the L Building, thanks to the new student space.

Jack Burns, MCCC’s director of Campus Planning and Facilities, said he collaborated with professors Lori Bean, Tracy Rayl, Lisa Scarpelli, and Student Activities Director Tom Ryder. 

“We talked about what we thought that space should be. And so it kind of grew out of there. Everybody had their opinion,” Burns said. 

The professors on the committee wanted a study area for students. Ryder took inspiration from other colleges he had been to and wanted students to have a lounge space. Burns wanted to give students a spot for snacking.

“The vending machines used to be in the hallway and I didn’t want them in the hallway anymore. They shouldn’t have been there anyway because of the circulation issues,” Burns said. 

“So that’s why we decided to build that little area where they [the students] can sit there and snack.”

The committee also focused on making the space student-centered. 

“People have multiple classes in multiple buildings and they need to hang out. So that was really kind of the driving force behind the academic commons space we built,” Burns said.

To add to the student-focused environment, many different choices of seating are available. 

The design also provides nice, bright lighting. Large windows welcome sunlight in accompaniment with LED lights. 

“We wanted it to be cheerful, not make you depressed,” he said.

Student Grant McPeck said he enjoyed the new space. 

 “I’ve used it a little bit. It’s a good place to spend between classes,” he said.

Samuel Anderson agreed.

“This is my first time in here, but it’s really nice,” he said.

In an email, Burns said the entrance closest to the CTC will be closed starting Monday Sept. 10 for corrective work.  He said the work should take around a week.

Burns said the space seems to be a good addition to the Life Sciences Building. He noted that when he has visited the student space, all seats were full, and all the charging stations were in use.