Students celebrate 2018 graduation

Emma Muth smiles as she files out of the gymnasium after the 2018 graduation.

About 200 students celebrated their new degrees during MCCC’s 51st commencement on April 27th.

“It’s nice because I’ll be the first one graduating from college in my family, so I’m really excited,” Nicole Wilson said.

Ian Lawson, Leah Thomas, and Melissa Fry were the three student speakers.  They took turns explaining how they got to this moment and offering tips for the future to their fellow graduates.

“It is with the lessons of the ages that you can see into the future and chart your course for happiness,” Lawson said.

“Wherever life takes you next, remember that fear and doubt are natural and can only make you stronger,” Melissa Fry said.

“You should take the opportunities you’re offered and storm into your future.  It will be your perfect storm,” Thomas said.

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Assistant professor of counseling Jill Denko was named the Honorary Grand Marshal and offered her congratulations to the class of 2018.

Brian S. Merkle, a 1999 graduate of MCCC, spoke as the alumnus of the year.

“You don’t have to be great at something to start, but you have to start to be great at something,”Merkle told the students, quoting Zig Ziglar.

Each of the students got their diplomas and walked across the stage to raucous applause, pausing to take a picture with college president Kojo Quartey.
A total of 451 students received a degree from MCCC this year, an increase from the 420 last year.