Door locks installed

The Bearacade locks fit under the bottom of the dorrs and connect to the floor with a bolt.

Door locks intended to keep an “active shooter” out of classrooms have been installed in most rooms on campus.

MCCC President Kojo Quartey said the door locks are a first step.

“This equipment is our immediate response to ensuring additional campus safety, while we prepare to add more safety features and measures as we renovate the campus with millage funds,” he said in an email to employees.

The locking system, which is called “Bearacade,” was selected after researching several options and calling other institutions, Quartey said. 

“In light of the rash of violence around the nation, safety could not be delayed, so we moved quickly,” he said.

As campus buildings are remodeled over the next few years, more safety measures will be added, he said.

“We could not delay safety until the millage renovations, so this is a stop-gap measure.” 

More information about the locks can be found at the Bearacade website,