GSA Renamed

The campus’s Gay-Straight Alliance is now the Gender and Sexuality Alliance.

The acronym remains “GSA,” but the new name is more inclusive and appeals to a wider range of people and experiences. Jenna Magrum, the club’s co-chair, was positive about the updated name.

“We kind of figured that just as ‘Gay-Straight Alliance,’ people didn’t feel as open to joining,” she said. “So, with ‘Gender and Sexuality,’ it doesn’t matter what sexuality, what gender you identify with; you’re always welcome to come join us. And it just gives more diversity to our name and our group.”

The club’s co-adviser and one of the college’s professors of psychology, Melissa Grey, also spoke highly of the change.

“I think it’s helpful as a more accurate reflection of what the club represents and how the club has grown,” she said. “The Gay-Straight Alliance name was a very familiar name to people, and it’s a way of bringing people together in a way that we continue to honor in terms of inclusivity and bringing everyone who’s interested to the table.

“But the name didn’t quite capture the full experience of everyone who’s in the club. So, Gender and Sexuality Alliance helps to illustrate that people of all genders and sexualities are welcome.”

GSA co-advisor Melissa Grey.

The name change was put into effect this semester, though it was discussed last semester, according to Magrum.

The results of the change certainly seem to be promising.

“We have seen an increase in members,” Magrum said. “We had about five new people join. We’re still going to be recruiting as we’re rather small, but we’re always open to new people, no matter who they are.”

Students wishing to participate in the GSA are welcome to contact Melissa Grey at